Prep Time
Cook Time
Total Time
1hr 10min

Ragda pattice is one of the most popular chaat dishes in India. This delicious street food snack is a perfect combination of crispy, fried potato patties and spicy, tangy yellow pea soup. It's a match made in chaat heaven!


4 Servings

For the Pattice

  • 250g
  • 100g
    bread crumbs
  • 1piece
    green chilli
  • 50g
    corriander leaves
  • 1piece
    grated carrot
  • 20g
    boiled fresh green peas
  • 1piece
    chopped onion
  • 20
    chopped corriander leaves
  • salt to taste
  • 1pinch
    red chilli powder
  • 1pinch
    black pepper powder
  • 1tbsp

For the Ragda

  • 200g
    Dried peas
  • salt to taste
  • 1tsp
    red chilli powder
  • 1tsp
    haldi powder1
  • 1in
    chopped ginger
  • 20g
    finely chopped corriander leaves
  • 2piece
    finely chopped onions
  • 2piece
    finely chopped tomatoes
  • 2tsp
    chaat masala


For the Ragda

  1. Soak the dried peas overnight or for 6 to 8 hours,

  2. In a pressure cooker add the soaked peas with 2 cups of water, salt and haldi powder and pressure cook for 15 mins after the pressure has built up.

  3. Open the lid of the cooker and check the consistency. The peas soak a lot of water. So you might have to add some water to make it a sauce like consistency.

  4. Keep on slow flame and let it cook till it starts boiling.

  5. Add the chopped onions, tomatoes, chilli, coriander, ginger and add the lemon juice to the boiled peas. Let it cook for 2 mins and put off the flame. Add the chaat masala. Your Ragda is ready!

For the pattice

  1. Boil, shell and mash the potatoes.

  2. Add the chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves, boiled green peas, grated carrots, green chilli, salt, bread crumbs, red chilli powder, black pepper and mix it all properly.

  3. Make small cutlets with this dough. You can give them any shape.

  4. Shallow fry these cutlets on a nonstick pan till golden brown.

Ragda pattice

  1. In a nice plate keep 2 pattice, add 2 tbsp hot Ragda on the pattice. Add green chutney and imli chutney on top and garnish well with chaat masala and coriander leaves.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use a pressure cooker to cook the dried peas for best results . Your nonstick pan should be on medium flame to get the best golden crisp cutlets.

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