Sweet Fluffy Pancakes  recipe

Sweet Fluffy Pancakes

by @mrswellington
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I would recommend these pancakes for breakfast. With any drink of your choice.


2 Servings
(1 serving = 4 pancakes )
  • 1
  • 1
    glass of milk
  • 250g
    all purpose wheat flour
  • pinch
    A of baking powder
  • pinch
    A of salt
  • 2tbsp
    of sugar
  • Cooking oil

How to make Sweet Fluffy Pancakes


  1. Put your all purpose wheat flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl.

  2. Mix them well.

  3. Add the egg and two tablespoon of cooking oil.

  4. Add milk to the mixture while mixing until you get a thick, smooth paste.

  5. It is not a must that you add the entire milk.


  1. Brush some oil to your cooking pan.

  2. Place your pan under medium heat.

  3. Pour a full serving spoon of the paste on your cooking pan.

  4. Let it cook until you see some bubbles on top of the paste.

  5. Turn it to cook the other side.

  6. Remove it after two minutes.

  7. Repeat the entire cooking process until your paste ends.

    Step 2.1: Repeat the entire cooking process until your paste ends
  8. Enjoy. It can be served while hot or cold.

  9. Add syrup if you desire.

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