1minute- Curd Sandwiches recipe

1minute- Curd Sandwiches

by @foodlover
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With all the ingredients available in your kitchen, these curd sandwiches are so easy to make in 1minute. It can be packed in tiffin, served as evening snacks, take-out for picnics, addition for birthday party items or any other party.


1 Servings
(1 serving = 2)

2 tbsp: Plain Yogurt

    1tbsp: Mayonnaise

      1tsp: Sweet-Onion dressing

        1tsp: Sriracha Sauce (optional)

          1/4 tsp: Black pepper crushed (optional)

            2tbsp: Diced Tomatoes

              1tbsp: Diced Onions

                1tbsp: Diced Green bell Pepper (optional)

                  A pinch: Salt

                    How to make 1minute- Curd Sandwiches

                    1. Take a bowl put plain yogurt, mayonnaise, sweet-onion dressing, sriracha sauce, black pepper, salt. Mix them all well.

                      2. Add tomatoes, onion, green bell pepper. Mix them all one last time.

                        3. Take two bread slices and spread a layer of tomato ketchup on both the slices. Now spread all the curd mixture over one bread. Cover it with another bread slice.

                          4. All done, enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

                            Tips & Tricks

                            1. Prefer to use thick curd. If the curd is watery it make the bread soggy and will not last long when packed for tiffin.

                            2. You can use vegetables of your choice like shredded cabbage, kale etc.

                            3. Siracha Sauce can be replaced with chili flaxes.

                            4. If Sweet-Onion dressing is not available replace it with 1 tsp: honey.

                            5. Suggestion to toast the bread if served immediately.

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