Corn dogs  recipe
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Yummy, an anytime meal or snack. Yes a meal.


4 Servings
(1 serving = 6 skewers )

Keep skewers ready based on the pieces of sausages.

  • 12
    sausages of your preference
  • 1cup
    of wheat flour
  • 2tbsp
    of maize flour
  • 1
  • 1/2cup
    of milk
  • 1/2cup
    of water to mix into the desired consistency
  • 2tsp
    Seasoning of your choice. Here I have used of Chicken tikka masala.
  • 1/2L
    of oil for frying

How to make Corn dogs

For the sauce, You can mix any. I have mixed tomato sauce, mayonnaise for the creaminess and mustard for the tanginess

  1. Halve your sausages and put them in boiling water. Let them steam in there.

  2. Prepare the batter for the corndogs by mixing all of the above except the oil and sausages.

  3. Take the sausages out now from the now warm water and put a skewer into 3/4th up its length.

  4. Heat the oil in the meantime while preparing the skewers.

  5. Put the skewers into the batter headfirst and coat well ensuring the sausage is covered well in the batter.

  6. Put these well battered sausages in the hot oil and remove when golden brown.

  7. Dip in your prepared sauce and enjoy.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Soak your skewers in water before using them to avoid it getting burnt in contact with oil.


Recipe by

Velida Vamadevan


This brown girl eats sleeps breathes good wholesome well cooked food. After all, it's an art and has to come from the heart.

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