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Aam Panna is a popular Indian beverage made from raw green mangoes. It is a refreshing drink that is particularly popular during the hot summer months.

Aam Panna is not only delicious but also has several health benefits. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and prevent infections. They are also a good source of antioxidants and other nutrients that can improve digestion and aid in weight loss.

It is a tasty and healthy beverage that is enjoyed by people of all ages in India and around the world.


6 Servings
  • 1/2kg
    Raw Mango
  • 200g
  • 1/2tsp
    Jeera Powder
  • 1/2tsp
    Black Salt
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Water
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Add the washed mangoes in the pressure cooker with less water and cook until 3-4 whistles. Once done remove from the cooker and let it cool down.

  2. Once cooled down remove the pulp in the blender.

  3. Add in the mint leaves, salt, Jeera powder and sugar. Blend well until smooth.

  4. Take 2 tsp of this concentrate in a glass. Add chilled water and ice to it. Add Few crushed mint leaves on the top and add ice.

  5. Enjoy!!!!

Tips & Tricks

  1. You can store this aam panna by keeping it in an airtight container in the fridge for 1 month.

  2. Feel free to add more or skip sugar to it.

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