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No Setup Needed
Enjoy a personal blog-like experience with no technical setup.
Earn Ad Revenue
Potentially earn up to a 55% ad revenue share, based on the number of views your recipes get (under development).
Free for All
Chefadora is free for authors and their readers, making it the go-to platform for food enthusiasts.
Earn via Affiliate Marketing
Earn more money by adding your affiliate links directly in your recipes (Chefadora does not take a share).
Build your Legacy
Keep all your recipes in one place and create a lasting impact.
Improved Reader Experience
Offer your readers well-formatted recipes that are easy to follow, unlike recipes in social media post descriptions.
SEO and Content Longevity
Enhance your searchability and reach a wider audience. Benefit from longer content life compared to social media.
Content Ownership & Sharing
Your content is yours; we respect your creative freedom. Chefadora helps expand your reach by re-sharing your content.
Simple Steps to Success
Step 1
Sign up for a free Chefadora account.
Step 2
Fill out an easy recipe form.
Step 3
Publish your recipe.
Step 4
Share recipe link with your audience & grow.
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Together, let’s make the world a smaller, warmer place.
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